Money Is The Equivalent Of Our Connection

600.02Question: Money is the language of communication between people. Will the world exist without money in the future?

Answer: No. The concept of money will remain, but not in the sense of dollars or other pieces of paper, but in the form of an exchange of services between us: me to you and you to me.

This is not material money, but support, reciprocity, and a good attitude to each other. Money, from the words “kesef, kesuf, lehasot,” means covering, when I cover my egoistic inner core and relate to the other through an altruistic covering.

In other words, money is what I can pay for my egoism so that it turns into the quality of bestowal and connection.

Question: So money is the equivalent of our connection, which consists in the fact that I want to egoistically use other people, but I make efforts on myself, and cover my desire to use another person with them?

Answer: Yes. This is your good attitude over the evil attitude and it is called “money.”

Question: So it turns out that there will be no paper money?

Answer: I think that material money will be credited to each person and deducted from his account for a long time to come. But gradually it will begin to be replaced by shared connections.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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