Freedom Within The Boundaries Of Non-Freedom

448.3Question: The very life of a person is a boundary for his I. It has natural limitations, i.e., the circumstances in which we find ourselves, for example, the pandemic that gripped the world today or the beginning of the financial crisis. Also, there are obligations that we as human society pose for ourselves. Kindergarten, school, army, sports, work, family, all these impose certain limits on us. A person is constantly in some kind of life limitations.

Where does the root of a person’s lack of freedom come from?

Answer: How can he be free? How do you imagine a person, and in general, anyone in nature who is free, if nature is an association of forces and laws that work only together based on one single goal from one point?

There is nothing free in nature, starting from the universe to everything existing on Earth.

What does freedom mean? To do what I want? What do I want? Who defines this?

In general, the concept of freedom is very relative. Let’s say I want to achieve freedom. It means that I think about how to do that. I always exist within some boundaries, circumstances, changes that affect me. Of course, in this, I am not free.

If I agree with what affects me and absolutely justify these influences and my reaction to them, then I will not feel their limitations, their pressure on me, and I will feel free.

Remark: It is an interesting approach. It turns out that some circumstances are constantly pressuring me.

My Comment: Billions of various factors! But I agree with them and happily join in their actions, not resisting at all, but on the contrary, each time gladly accepting their influence on me, and therefore I do not feel any resistance on my part. This is called freedom.

Meanwhile, I do not feel any pressure! I am free! But only on the condition that I understand what is happening to me, comprehend, feel, perceive, and absolutely agree with it.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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