The Way To The Upper Level

laitman_594Question: If I am a slave to my emotions and am dominated by desires that were forced unto me, how can the wisdom of Kabbalah help me change my perspective if it is the direct outcome of my desires and my emotions?

Answer: All of your desires and emotions are determined by the level you are on, by your major attributes. Now they are egoistic.

But if you begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah seriously, you will draw what is called the upper light unto you, and it will begin to change you gradually. Thus, accordingly you will begin to imagine a different world in your new attributes.

The world that is closest to us is the world in which you will begin to feel that everything is in a state of absolute unity, integrality, and complete mutual connection. This is the feeling on the lowest level, not in the depth of the attainment of each object and its layers.

This means that you attain the light of Nefesh of the world of Assiya, the first level of the 125 levels. This will give you some idea of something that is higher than your level.

Question: I perceive the corporeal world through my natural senses. When I begin to unite with other people, we begin to feel a new qualitative feeling, the upper world. Is this called the Creator?

Answer: This is the next level. You can call it the Creator because it is a level that is higher than you, but you ascend to it and become like Him.

We always call the level that is higher than us the Creator. It is revealed immediately and becomes higher.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 8/26/18

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