The Germans Of The Laws Of Moses, Part 3

17.01Irrational Hatred of the Jews

Question: Before the Second World War, new Zionist movements appeared: the revisionists and the Jewish Agency for Israel (HaSochnut HaYehudit L’Eretz Yisra’el), which were at great odds with each other.

The fact is that the Nazis were willingly cooperating with the Zionists, especially with the Jewish Agency for Israel where Arlozorov was one of the members.

The revisionists, led by Jabotinsky, believed that they must not make any agreements with Nazi Germany, while the Jewish Agency negotiated with it, trying to solve the Jewish Question. Germany even gave money for moving the Jews out of the country.

Why did the Germans have such an incomprehensible hatred of Jews that they were willing to pay all expenses to expel them from Germany? Why did this 1% of the population bother them so much?

Answer: But what a 1%! It does not dissolve into other peoples. If you dug into the leadership of the Nazi Germany, you would find a lot of Jewish blood there.

Question: But the Nazis were very careful in examining the ancestry of Germans since 1600, trying to find out whether anyone in the family was Jewish. And if there was a great-grandmother or great-grandfather, then you could no longer stay in Germany. It was absolute madness. Where did this come from?

Answer: This is the working of a spiritual force; nothing can be done here.

Remark: It follows that it was something mystical, out of the ordinary.

My Comment: That’s how it was. This accompanies the Jewish people because they are tied to the spiritual force of nature.

For many years, the Nazis tried to get rid of the Jews in every possible way, sparing no effort or expense. They went around the country offering Jews everything they could to get them out of Germany and free the state from them. But the Jews would cling to this country as if it was something special.

Germany is the center of Europe. Jews had settled there a long time ago and had deeply absorbed the German culture. Don’t forget that Yiddish is a German dialect. In addition, Germany was not as ultra-religious as France or Spain. The Germans were friendlier to the Jews. There was no such anti-Jewish sentiment as in Spain, France, or England, where Jews were forced into synagogues and burned alive.

Remark: However, when Hitler came to power, a different policy was adopted in the country. It was forbidden to appoint Jews to public offices.

My Comment: But it was still official. The Germans are very meticulous. If a law is officially adopted, they comply with it; if not, they do not. Thus, it was customary for them to act within the letter of the law.

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From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/12/19

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