Integral Dependence Is A Natural Manifestation Of Nature

laitman_558Question: On one hand, you say that there is a certain space, nature, which influences us and is increasing the awareness that it is time for us to unite. But it is obvious that until there is a leader, and not one person, but maybe a hundred, a thousand leaders involved in unification, this will not happen.

Are such leaders emerging? Are they needed?

Answer: I think that today there are many of them in our world. But they should not be leaders of the type we have seen in history. These are just people who realized that the integral dependence of mankind on each other is a natural manifestation of our nature, and we have come to this.

Selfishness grew individually until it became as global as it is today. This is manifested in science and technology, in production and world trade, which also reveal the integrity of the world. But this is not enough, since it is only an opening of world egoism. Now we will gradually see that the world must be bound by completely different kinds of forces.

The fact is that we will still not be able to continue to exploit the land, water, and air as we did before. Nature will no longer allow us to do this.

Try to get out of a pandemic and you will see how difficult it is. You will not be able to restore old ties, old enterprises. You will have no option to restore the old interactions. We will see this in the near future.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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