“A Collective Solution For A Collective Blow”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/13/20

When everyone is hit by the same blow, where’s the wisdom in looking for a solution separately? Why not join forces, work shoulder to shoulder, and find a vaccine or a cure to Covid-19 together? The answer is that there’s no money and no fame in solving things together.

This is typical of the attitude we’ve held until today, and for the most part, we still do. But if there’s a lesson to be learned from the coronavirus, it is that the solution has to match the problem. When it’s a collective blow, it requires a collective solution.

Covid is just the harbinger. We’re moving into a time where all the crises will be global in the full sense of the word, since the whole purpose of the blows we’re taking today is to make us work together. Until we learn to do so, the blows will grow more powerful and more painful.

We have entered a new era: the era of oneness. The sooner humanity learns to function as one, the easier and smoother will be our transition into the new era. And as we learn to deal with crises together, we will grow closer in our hearts and develop mutual responsibility and a truly sustainable society, in harmony with all of nature.

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