A Circle Where There Is Room For Everyone

laitman_261We must strive to ensure that our appeal to the Creator is as far as possible from our egoism, and we want to unite at a central point between everyone. This means that I nullify myself and treat everyone on an equal footing, and for me there are no good or bad, close or distant, all are absolutely equal.

I always take care not to think about my own benefit, feelings, understanding, or fulfillment, and I do everything only in order to build a Kli, unification, unity, the place of the Creator’s revelation, His greatness.

The Creator is called “place,” and we need to think about what the characteristic, the property, of this place is, this area that we build among ourselves. And then, according to these properties, the essence of this place, we are rewarded with the revelation of the Creator. We create this place by our own self-cancellation, by striving to build it together on equal terms.

And then the Creator will indeed have a place where He can reveal Himself. This place already exists, but in an egoistic form. And we nullify our egoism and allow everyone to be in this place. It turns out that this place is higher than our egoism, higher than reason, and we have built an area where the Creator can reveal himself. We ourselves create the Creator.

If we create such a place for the revelation of the Creator, then it really turns out that “There is none else besides Him.” Indeed, by nullifying our desires to enjoy and wanting to connect all over them together, we build something new that did not exist before. It is said about this: “You created Me.”

And from this the correct solution becomes clear for the problem we have in this material world where conflicts flare up more and more: the left against the right, some parties and factions against others. There is no end in sight to this feud, and the unrest threatens to escalate into civil war.

We must understand that all these disputes will lead us nowhere, and that there is only one solution—for each to give in for the other and recognize the right to existence of all other opinions. The Creator will not allow us to neglect our opinions or destroy others. Egoism is eternal; only on top of it can we build a place for the Creator to reveal Himself.

Therefore, there is only one solution for all conflicts in the world, between all countries. And they will grow more and more in order to lead us to this unique decision: In the end, all transgressions will be covered by love—each will make a little room and give room to everyone else.

It does not matter whether one is left or right, any most unusual opinion has a right to exist because only in the right connection between them, when everyone sacrifices something for the other, do we build a round area. There is room for everyone in this circle because it is built on mutual concessions for the sake of common existence.

Therefore, there should be no hatred of the right against the left or the left against the right, someone against others, but there should be the recognition that there is a place for any trend, and I only hate my egoism, which wants to cancel all the others. But I hate it only because it prevents me from connecting with others, and nothing more.

After all, it is above egoism that I can build a connection with others if I reduce it a little. This is how I eventually build the place that will be called “The Creator.” The Creator will open and the world will exist as a place for the Creator’s revelation.

No one should think about his hatred of others and their abolition, but give each a place in order to build a place for the Creator to live by our mutual concessions. And if there are no opposing opinions, parties, movements, people, or opponents against me, then I will not be able to build a place for the disclosure of the Creator. The Creator exists only in the place of our mutual concessions.

Therefore, we will see how hatred and opposition grow. There is no need to hope that the unrest will subside. On the contrary, it will get worse and worse. But with our correct approach, we can set an example for the rest. First of all, we need to give a place to another, and teach the other to also give a place to the rest.

So we will balance the system of our relations, balance the opposing forces, and we will keep a place between us built on the concessions of each relative to everyone else, where everyone is included. If we manage to build such an area, then we will give the world the method of revealing the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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