Instead Of Hierarchy, A Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of us are found in this world as if in a boat in the middle of a stormy ocean and if you don’t fulfill your function in it, you will not bring any benefit. If you will not work to set the sails in it, hold the wheel, bail the water, and if you don’t row with the oars, then you sink the whole boat.

You are included within the general system and must carry out your function, and if you don’t function, then you harm everyone, like a transistor that is burned within a complex electrical circuit and is disabled, or a guitar string that snaps. It is certainly possible to continue to play the guitar even without this string, but what kind of a tune will this be?

The word “system” encompasses a powerful sense and it awakens fear in a person. Since I am found within a system, I depend on everyone else one hundred percent. I, myself, am not ready to do anything. I cannot strike you, kill you, or compel you to change by force or threats. This is because the connection between us is internal, in my heart, and I am not familiar with your heart! You can arrange all kinds of problems for me in life with the help of the desires in your heart, and what can I do? I am really helpless.

This is called being found within a single system. I don’t depend on some terrorist or dictator, but rather on every person in the world and especially on my closest friends. My entire spiritual life depends on them, and for me there is no possibility of influencing them! I am not even ready to check what is in their heart in order to understand how faithfully they carry out their function in the general system. Perhaps, they are actually destroying it.

The integral system that is being discovered now before us is really terrible. Do you know how we are connected and why; all of a sudden there was a flood in Europe or an unusual heat wave in America? We don’t know the original cause or what the final result will be. In the integral system everything is linked, and these links disappear from before our eyes since we are not “integral.” We don’t act according to that plan, that arrangement.

Up until now, we have developed according to our nature, like animals, only more developed, but this evolution has stopped. We have reached an integral connection that is now revealed before us. Our contribution to the system is the management of this entire system. Therefore, we must discover how we can manage it and carry out this work for everyone as integral components within the system.

It must be clear to everyone what his function is. This is like an electronic device that includes the most complex systems that completely stops functioning because of one burned-out transistor.

It is very important to understand this in our function. At one time it was different and everything depended on the individual, himself, if he was great or small. There is a story about this, that a war was lost because of one nail. The blacksmith lacked one nail and he didn’t secure the horseshoe well; the horseshoe fell off, the horse stumbled, the commander riding on the horse fell off, the enemy saw this, rushed to attack, and won the battle.

Thus, they won the war without any logical basis, only because of a small nail, and not even because of the nail, rather because all the events developed linearly, according to a chain, until reaching the high commander upon whom everything depended. However, we already have left a hierarchical system, a round system operates today. Therefore, it is impossible to find the original reason upon which everything depends. Rather, everything depends on everyone and everyone is linked together and considered equally, both the great and the small, and this is a very big problem.

We already have begun to understand that it is specifically the connection that will give us the spiritual form.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/05/13, Writings of Rabash

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