Reach The Senses Of Souls And Worlds

laitman_237Baal HaSulam, Shamati # 3, “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment”: We discern many degrees and discernments in the worlds. We must know that everything that relates to discernments and degrees speaks of the attainment of the souls with regard to what they receive from the worlds. This follows the rule, “What we do not attain we do not know by name.”

In the upper worlds, there are many levels where the souls are located, and each of them receives from its level.

We do not feel that, but all the souls are inside us and we need to reveal them. We can gradually attain these states when we manage the presence of our souls on a certain level and then ascend. That is, we will feel and understand our souls and the stages they are on.

This means that we will feel and attain the worlds, and by performing different actions, we can raise our souls to the levels of the worlds and thus see, feel, and perceive creation more and more.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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