Two Kinds Of Attitudes Toward The Creator

Laitman_177.13There are absolute laws for attaining the Creator and they never change from one person to another. Anyone who wants to attain the Creator from our earthly state needs to perform accurate actions and build certain attributes within, and then he will begin to reveal the Creator through the 125 levels of attainment of the worlds.

No one in this world is able to change this picture, this sequence, the conditions, or these rules that have existed throughout history. They will always be the same for everyone. Our feelings are subjective but the attainment of feelings is absolutely the same and objective and stem from the general resistance between the light and the vessel (desire).

The creation is called a desire and the desire is new each time and changes under our influence and the influence of the Creator from above. Here we need to distinguish between two kinds of attitudes toward the Creator. On one hand, it is an attitude toward the Creator Himself and, on the other hand, it is an attitude toward what stems from Him. We cannot say anything about the attitude toward the Creator except for the fact that He is the source and nothing more than that.

The source of what? Of the good or the bad?
I don’t know.
But do you feel good now?
Yes, I feel good.
And can you feel bad?
Yes, I can.
So does this mean that the source changes?

Kabbalists tell us that the source does not change. Absolute bestowal descends from it constantly, which is what we call the upper light. But you are in your qualities in a certain state to this influence of the Creator’s bestowal, and so you feel His impacts differently each time.

In principle, we speak about our states and not the state of the Creator. So a person needs to understand that when he says that the Creator is bad or good and that He affects me one way or another, it is not that the Creator changes, but that the person himself changes, but it seems to us that it is the Creator who changes.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/8/19

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