The World Must Force The Jews To Unite

laitman_571.01Question: Jews are a special group of people. What distinguishes them?

Answer: Jews are the carriers of the method of bestowal, love, and unification of all the peoples of the world.

They are carriers of the method even today, only they themselves do not know about it. But they have a hidden spiritual gene.

Everybody hates the Jews because they do not implement this method between themselves and do not pass it on to others.

Question: But is this all unconscious, not because they don’t want to?

Answer: Yes. But the presence of this method within the Jews still makes them special in other activities.

Question: Is there a formula that everything bad in the world comes from poor connection between people?

Answer: Naturally. But in particular from the bad connection between the Jews.

Question: Does everything bad in the world happen because of Jews?

Answer: This is an axiom. It means the world must force the Jews to unite. And then humanity will unite in a good connection, and everything will be fine.

And we, the Kabbalists, should improve the methodology, bring it closer to everyone.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 4/22/20

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