Sparks Of Aspiration To The Creator

laitman_942Question: You say that there is a natural hatred of the peoples of the world for Jews, the carriers of the unification methodology.

Now, if any person from the peoples of the world joins this group of people, will he automatically start to be hated too?

Answer: No. Today, everything is so diluted that no one notices, sees, or knows.

This is a completely new state that we are only introducing into the world. But gradually, people will begin to feel that something is wrong with these people. Americans, British, Europeans, Russians, no matter who, will look at this person and say: “Something is wrong with you.” They will see in him a spark of something Jewish.

Question: Do you mean that this will manifest itself in people of the ten lost tribes?

Answer: No, absolutely not necessarily. Just in any person from the peoples of the world, a point in the heart, which is in everyone, can appear. A point in the heart is an aspiration for the unity of the world, for its single strength, i.e., for the Creator. Awakening, it begins to bother a person. He wants to understand how the world exists, where this unity is, etc. It is this spark that makes him a Jew.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/22/19

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