Don’t Believe The Rumors

273.02Question: How do we counteract the rumors that everything that is happening is just a rehearsal of the world behind the scenes before the global cleanup of the Earth’s population, before global vaccination, “chipization” of the population?

Answer: In extreme situations, as a rule, such rumors always emerge. People try to explain what has happened with the fact that it was graft, or vaccine, or something similar affecting people in such a manner. I do not relate to such things and do not speak for or against them.

What nature does happens anyway, and people can not prevent it. Therefore, relate to such rumors calmly, let people talk. Even before people start talking, the virus will change our entire worldview. That is why it does not matter. Nature moves its own way nonetheless.

People are prone to speculation that someone is starting up some mechanisms behind our back, playing political, economic, or other games. It is typical for us to make problems look like something we supposedly understand, that somewhere on Earth someone is sitting and twisting everything. But this all is very shallow.

Now changes are happening on a global scale, affecting absolutely everyone: rich and poor, sick and healthy, old and young, men and women. It is just a virus, and that is all. It is being researched in all countries and no one knows what to do with it. Who can manage it? Do not pay attention to these tales.

Of course, there are many small, egoistic possibilities to say something about someone: “My mother-in-law made it up in her kitchen and she is now sending it to me.”

Some time ago, I had an internship in Leningrad, present-day St. Petersburg, in a hospital for the mentally ill. There were a lot of such people with seemingly truthful stories. Intelligent people, with a broad outlook, with such depth. They were sitting in front of you in hospital pajamas and saying such things—you could write a novel.

So do not listen to gossip. Before we write a novel, its time has already passed, people will get wiser because they will already be in the second, third, or fourth acts of this drama. Not even drama, but a grandiose production of the Creator that must be watched and admired.

Why admired? We, of course, pay for this with our lives and suffering, but in the end, we will be transformed.

We may personally pay a great price, but humanity will move forward: to the truth, to the essence, toward the revelation of the inner meaning, the inner program of nature. They will start to understand how nature works. This is the most important human pleasure for those who are alive and those who have already risen to the other level of existence.

The most important human pleasure is the attainment of the inner program of nature, its huge inner computer called Shechina. He sees how it works on all levels, at all times, through all worlds. And this understanding, the feeling of what is happening, gives eternal, infinite pleasure. This is the attainment of the Creator.
Form KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/5/20

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