From Babylon To Rome, Part 4

laitman_747.04A Special Place on Earth

Comment: After Haman’s execution and unification of the Jewish people, the King of Persia Kir came to power. He gave the Jews of Persia an opportunity to move to the land of Israel and he supplied them with the means to build the Temple.

The land of Israel (Eretz Israel) seems to be a special place on Earth.

My Response: Indeed. But living in Israel is not easy. If people who live there, in any historical period, do not obey the laws of this land, meaning the laws of unity, “loving the neighbor,” helping each other out, then this land has a detrimental effect on them. They cannot live here in peace and continue to develop, and they feel a certain antagonism toward this place, and thus it seems to spew them out.

A long time ago this land was very fertile. If there is water and a correct attitude toward this land, it bears fruit. But everything depends on the people.

This is a special land, it senses the relationships between the people. And if they are not kind toward each other, the land is not kind toward them.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/8/19

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