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The human body is a complete interconnected system operating according to integral laws of nature: every cell consumes only what is needed for its useful functioning within the system of tissues and organs, and exists to sustain the entire body. If a single cell starts functioning to benefit itself alone, it becomes cancerous.

Cancer is a body within the body. Due to the enormous growth of their “ego,” cancerous cells separate from the body’s other cells, start seeing them as enemies, as foreign bodies that need to be attacked and devoured.

Cancerous cells can form a separate kind of society within the human body. They can communicate and cooperate in their own way to enslave normal cells and create metastases.

They have no sensation of the human organism as a necessary environment for their existence, and thus reject and destroy it, and in the worse scenario, die together with the body due to lacking a habitat.

So then we reach one of the pressing questions of our time: is there a cure for cancer?

Definitely. However, it lies beyond the realm of a separate individual human body.

Nature as a whole operates similarly to a single organism.

On nature’s inanimate, vegetative and animate levels, each and every one of its element has its dedicated role and input into the whole system.

Our society also consists of individual “cells,” i.e., people who are brought together into different social structures.

Unfortunately, unlike nature’s other levels, we humans have a very “cancerous” attitude toward one another, and the environment we live in.

What is the risk?

As soon as we start thinking only about ourselves, our system starts slowly becoming “impressed” by our egoistic thoughts and desires.

This impression spreads over structures influencing other levels of nature and our physical bodies.

Unconscious of nature as our home, in a constant run for personal pleasure, like the selfish cancerous cells, we humans basically destroy our common environment for existence, forming a cancerous tumor on the body of the planet.

When the cancerous growth of a selfish attitude spreads beyond a certain limit, humanity starts consuming itself.

What is the optimal way to fight cancer on both levels: the human body and society in general?

The problem can be solved on the level of connection among each other.

Being unconscious about our “cancerous” attitudes to each other deprives us of the opportunity to deal with them.

However, if we rise to a level higher than our usual relations and reactions, we will be able to see a more complete picture of reality, and thus solve myriad problems, including cancer, comprehensively.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, when we understand our egoistic nature and apply efforts to rise above it by building positive connections, we will step into a new level of perception of reality.

As soon as human relations become mutual, kind, benevolent, and we all unite into one complete system, the world will become balanced, and there will be no room for cancer on any level.

It is as written, “And a wolf shall live with a lamb, and a leopard shall lie with a kid; and a calf and a lion cub and a fatling [shall lie] together, and a small child shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).

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