How To Work With An Obstacle

624.02Comment: When an obstacle comes, I have to remember that first of all, everything stems from the single force: “There is none else besides Him.”

Secondly, I am given the obstacle in order to unite more with the friends in the group. Thirdly, externally, I start playing in the group, trying to do something good for my friends: to organize a meal, and so on, while internally, I start feeling animosity. The more I exert for the benefit of the group and unite with them, the stronger I feel animosity and rejection.

My Response: But to this extent, you receive an opportunity to turn to the Creator so that He helps you. You exert effort and ask Him for this.

Comment: I exert effort, but failure awaits me.

My Response: Not necessarily failure, although this is not excluded. Most likely, it is going to be an obstacle: you will not be able to even approach the group.

Comment: Then comes despair from the futility of all efforts and, finally, the realization that only the group can help.

My Response: Only the Creator can help through the group. And then you start turning to Him consciously, but only through the group, asking Him to help you. Otherwise, He won’t hear.

The Creator is in no way associated with an individual person. Although you can take small steps to rise above yourself a bit, this is not advancement. It is possible only in the integration between us.

Question: What does it mean, “through the group”?

Answer: Why do you turn to Him?

Comment: So that He helps me.

My Response: What for? If you are not included in the group, it means that it is an egoistic request.

Comment: But I want to reveal Him.

My Response: What lovely egoism! And why do you need it?

Comment: It is said that the purpose of creation is to reveal the Creator. He wants me to do it. He created the created beings in order to fill them. So I want to be filled with Him.

My Response: In order to do so, you must be similar to Him. And how will you do it?

Comment: Through the group.

My Response: So we are back to the group again. You can scream at Him as much as you want, it will give you nothing. On the contrary, it will only push you away from Him so that you realize your incorrect actions.

Therefore, by exerting mutual efforts, everyone reaches a prayer for the Creator to help them through the group, to give them strength “to play.” They will then receive the strength and reach the state of gratitude.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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