Anti-Semitism: The Root And The Solution – Talk With Prof. Stephen Bronner

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Prof. Stephen Bronner, co-director of the International Council for Diplomacy and Dialogue and the author of A Rumor About the Jews: Anti-Semitism, Conspiracy, and the Protocols of Zion discuss the roots and possible solution for anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism is a multifaceted phenomenon. It manifests in different forms and, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is the consequence of the Jewish people who have no awareness of their role in the world, and thus, also have no willingness to carry it out.

What is that role? The role of the Jewish people is to implement the method of connection above our selfish attitudes toward each other and pass it to the world, becoming a “light unto the nations,” as it is written in the scriptures.

According to their historical background, Jews originated around 3,800 years ago in ancient Babylon as a collection of 70 different nations united by the ideological principle, “love your neighbor as yourself.” Since this principle contradicted the Mesopotamian lifestyle, King Nimrod expelled the Jews from Babylon, and they embarked in the direction of the land of Canaan.

Over time, people could not observe the condition of “love your neighbor as yourself,” and the original spiritual root of the Jews—unity above all differences—became forgotten and replaced by customs. This is how religions and practices emerged, as compensation for the method of connection that has since been lost.

Nevertheless, the Jews still bear this method within. Whether or not they are aware of it, or and whether or not they refuse to perform it, the Jewish people have an inner calling to unite and spread unity above differences to the world. Hatred from the nations of the world is a subconscious demand upon the Jews to carry out this role.

Therefore, to solve the problem of anti-Semitism, Jews need to present an example of uniting above differences, and by doing so, let the world follow them, ultimately paving the path to balance with nature, harmony and social cohesion.

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