“With Love To See Only Good Things”

laitman_938.05Rabash, “Concerning the Importance of Friends”: [If a person] “works on himself to love him [a friend], then it is natural with love to see only good things. And even though there are bad things in one’s friend, he cannot see them, as it is written, “love covers all transgressions.”

A person feels that other than himself, everything else is the Creator’s actions, who controls and launches everything. Therefore, he cannot attribute personal actions, thoughts, and impulses to the friends. It is all the Creator.

Also, the Creator gives him a little freewill: how to relate to it, transform, and come closer to Him. And he already looks at his friends as if they are in full connection with the Creator.

Question: When it is said that “love covers all transgressions,” are the transgressions in me?

Answer: Of course. All selfish tendencies regarding the friends are covered with love. And one builds on top of the other because the Light comes that shows you everything. Since it was not there before, you saw everything negatively, and now, you see everything positively.

Love is an attitude toward others when you do not see anything wrong with them. You just love them. They are more precious to you than yourself.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/30/18

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