The Group Is The Orientation Toward The Goal

laitman_938.05Question: Suppose a person is trying to see himself lower than the friends and holds this goal in front of him. At the same time, he must make an inner effort. Where does he get the strength from if he is at a point where he does not yet see them above himself?

Answer: I must explain to myself that the aspiration and the achievement of the goal do not depend on me. My task is to receive the aspirations of the group and fulfill them.

It seems to a person that he has a goal, a direction, that he knows everything, can do anything, and that everything depends on him, or at most on the Creator. Yet in fact, the orientation toward the goal is provided by the group, and the goal itself is in the center of the group, in the correct connection between everyone.

Therefore, I completely depend on the group. When I first choose the goal, I determine that by my efforts I am leading the whole group to it, adding everything from myself that they need to achieve it.

I make efforts to absorb their aspiration and excitement toward the goal. I try to get closer to them by being above, below, and equal to them, because it is in them that I will reach adhesion with the Creator. All my work is concentrated inside the group.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/9/18

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