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Only by feeling the Creator’s greatness is the heart tamed, so increase trepidation. And the questions are to lack the Creator so He may open your heart and eyes, to be worthy of His greatness. A manifestation of sin each time makes you climb the steps of the Creator’s greatness.

The Creator becomes necessary to receive answers, therefore you must walk by faith above reason.
Then you see you are exhausted & need the Creator.
Only the Creator can give strength to walk by faith above reason.
What the Creator gives is, in fact, called the Creator’s greatness.

To exalt the Creator is to ask Him for strength to walk by faith above reason. To do so, don’t answer your questions with the earthly mind, but ask the Creator to answer. The ego calls to follow the commandments while faith above reason obliges to walk disregarding what ego knows.

While in descent, think: if the Creator awakened you—how ready you would be for spiritual work.
Imagine, as if you feel the Creator’s presence—how then you would thank and praise Him!
So must you now thank and glorify the Creator, as if you have already been honored with perfection.

If the group intends to delight the Creator, they can add in the work by adding in the Creator’s greatness, for in the measure of His greatness they can cancel themselves before Him and do everything for His sake. The Creator’s greatness will oblige to do work for Him and enjoy it.

The group must talk about the greatness and importance of the Creator because to this extent they’ll be able to:
—feel the desire to cancel oneself and unite with Him,
—go by faith above reason that He rules the world by good governance,
—start loving the Creator with all your heart and soul.

Try to ensure that the only reward for all your efforts is a sense of the Creator’s greatness, all prayers —to feel His greatness, for the Creator is hidden by the first restriction  [Tzimutzum Aleph] and one can’t appreciate His greatness; hence, we ask the Creator to feel it, especially while studying.

Starting spiritual work we want to get Ohr Pnimi [Inner Light] requiring pure Kelim [Vessels]: Tzimzum Alepsh—screen [Masach]—Ohr Hozer [Reflected Light]. But Malchut receives from Ohr Makif, i.e., a beginner without likeness to the Creator can receive from Ohr Makif if he raises importance of Ohr Makif as the Creator’s …
… receives distant emanation as correction.

Isra-El are those who strive for the perfect state, in which they were prior to the breaking of the system Adam. A desire to feel the integral system and the force acting in it, binding all together, is called Isra-El, Yashar-El —”straight to the Creator.” Regardless of nationality.

Evolution of broken nature, without Israel’s work, is called ego-development. Without applying Kabbalah, Israel can’t fill its role as glue binding nations. Israel is who is conscious of this mission. The nations are pushing Israel to unity and Israel is fulfilling it among nations.

After the breaking of the soul of Adam, the fall into sin, Israel, who unified peoples, vanished, and their egoism began to manifest. This process goes on for centuries. Today, division of nations requires the glue. This will show in growing #Antisemitism.
#Israel must realize its mission.

Israel in the common soul of Adam tied all its parts prior to breaking, so Israel has no place in the world; its mission is to bind all nations. This bond gives everyone a higher life, filling space between us and defining everyone’s aspiration toward the Creator yashar-kel = isra-el.

Democrats view a #Mexico border wall as immoral. But it’s immoral not to build it and solve the problem at the expense of the citizens of the country that has 40 million poor. Crisis begins. The country must protect its citizens.
The #Torah says: the poor of the city are more important than others!

YEAR 2019 predictions: Collapse of the global world, despite liberals’ efforts; degradation of societies and states; an increase in #isolation. #predictions

YEAR 2019 predictions (continued): Collapse of the world #financial system; strengthening of the US industrial #elites; abolishing of the international US treaties; crash of #StockMarket; possible #Trump‘s assassination, in order to launch a depression and unrest in the US.
From Twitter, 12/27/18

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