New Life 1060 – Critical Thinking And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

New Life 1060 – Critical Thinking And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Accurate critical thinking requires measuring one unit of falsehood against one unit of truth. The intensity and depth of my criticism depend on the strength of my connection with the principle force of nature. I must detach myself from the still, vegetative, and animate forms of life and adhere to the inner force that is at the foundation of nature. When I discover this force within myself, I can then test my thinking against it. In the past, humanity engaged in critical thinking in an incomplete way due to egoism and self-absorbed interests and opinions. In order to overcome doubt and find out what nature really requires of us, it is necessary to continue to ask, investigate, and clarify the truth within a special group of people who want to acquire new qualities.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1060 – Critical Thinking And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah,” 9/20/18

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  1. This comes in the right time for me, since by some corporeal doubts have struggles with my soul from keeping my study of Kabbalah at Bnei Baruch.

    Since we all known that Torah refers to spiritual states during the course of the whole Bible, us students we know that “Amalek” for example refers not to a country, or a group or a religion. In any case the Gematria of the world Amalek in hebrew has the same numerical value than “doubt”, and that gives us a hint.

    Then again, I have always find a bit irresponsible the rhetoric of the Rav when he says that the current wave of antisemitism in the world comes from a “feeling” of humanity that jewish have a knowledge of something that are hiding from to the rest of the world…

    As a Mexican with a university degree I can tell you that the global feeling of animosity toward the Jewish State (not people) comes from the illegal occupation of Palestine, nothing more and nothing less.

    Just as this corporeal world its a world of consequences, yet no Kabbalah student goes into a store and steals, no Kabbalah conference should be held in Israel to me for the exact same lawful principles.

    Since every Kabbalah student knows Amalek is NOT the Palestine people, avoiding this controversies (there is a Mexican saying, that goes “Don’t do good things that look like bad things) clarifies the image of Bnei Baruch as a non Zionist institution, and if it means to attract a global community this things need to be perfectly clear and addressed, for as corporeal as they sound.

  2. This reminds me very much of Plato – His claim that ‘to know something is to take it to heart and let it be as it is’. Examine it fully from that perspective, and with others through dialectic reasoning.

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