Faith Is A Vessel Of Bestowal

laitman_608.02Question: What does it mean that faith is a vessel of bestowal?

Answer: The fact is that faith is a property of bestowal, a property of Bina. There is common faith and complete faith (Emuna Shlema), which is filled with complete knowledge.

That is, faith is not an end state. It is a tool for attaining the Creator, and in this tool, a person reveals the Creator as the source of Light that fills him and allows him to see all the creation, in all the worlds, in all times, above all limitations.

In this case, the reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) must be equal to the direct Light (Ohr Yashar).

Question: To attain faith, the property of bestowal, does it mean to attain the desire to receive this property?

Answer: Yes, I want to receive the property of faith and not just say: “I believe!” We have to work a lot on this. Our whole path is attaining the property of faith, or reflected Light. And then, this property already contains everything, including love.

Love is the next, deeper stage, when all the Light enters the property of a person’s faith, the property of bestowal; that is, the direct Light is clothed in the reflected Light.

And all this is done within the group; otherwise, you will not make a single movement, not a single action.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/22/18

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