Where Is The Creator Revealed?

laitman_961.2Question: Where is the Creator revealed?

Answer: I reveal everything within myself, within my desire. The same holds true with the Creator. Just like I feel the world where all my senses engage to perceive reality, I also feel the Creator. At first, I feel that He is behind reality, controlling at least its individual parts.

For example, I have a court date coming up. Therefore, I grasp that the Creator is behind all my enemies, controlling them in order for me to understand that it comes from Him and that there is none one else besides Him. This is the first step.

The second step is when all His “representatives,” usually quite unpleasant, turn into angels whom I love because with their help I reach a connection with the Creator. There is no other way that I can reach this adhesion with Him. It is impossible to reach connection with Him in a pleasant way because I am pure evil, opposite to Him. Therefore, I give thanks for the bad as for the good and come to love them, feeling no hatred for them.

However, there is still a consideration of the corporeal world. According to it, I have to fulfill this work the way it is required by the laws of our world: go to court, get fines, and deal with them. In fact, I thank the Creator for sending such messengers to me. He chose them, which means that this is exactly what I need in order to advance.

Question: Why are actions required in this world?

Answer: Every spiritual root has to eventually reach its material branch. After we short-circuit all the spiritual roots with their material branches, this world will disappear from our senses.

Question: What if a person neglects solving problems in this world?

Answer: If you neglect acting in this world, then all these problems will keep coming back to you in different ways until you start treating them correctly.
From a conversation in Iceland, 5/19/18

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