A Wish To Be The Head And Not The Tail

laitman_254.03On Rosh HaShanah we ask the Creator to make us a “head” and not a “tail” in the new year. This means that we want to work according to intention and thought, not according to the force of desire. We want to rise above the desire toward the thought, which is called faith above reason, and to be concerned with the intention with which we use our desire.

We do not want the desire to determine our actions as it does today. Now, we are under the control of the desire, which is driving us, determining our actions and intentions. All our intentions are aimed only at fulfilling our desires.

We, however, want to correct the relationship between the intention and the desire so that the intention would govern the desire. The intention for the sake of bestowal, which is called “faith,” will rule over the desire that will realize this intention.

This is a big shift in the spiritual work. In the beginning of the path, we only pay attention to our desire and want to realize it. Then we begin to scrutinize our intentions, which for now are also egoistic. We then, however, see that intention can be different. The reforming Light influences us and changes our attitude toward our desire to enjoy and the Creator’s desire.

As a result of working in the group, the study, and the influence of the reforming Light, we begin to perceive the Creator as more important. We have not yet revealed the Creator, but we already feel that it is important for us to think about Him, to give Him joy, to come closer to Him, and to adhere to Him. This already pertains to the intention; we ask the Creator for an opportunity to act in this way.

It follows that there is no good or evil in the world. It only appears this way to me so that I would have an opportunity to come to know the upper force, to discern it, unite with it, to attain it,  and to understand the Creator.

That is, in the beginning, we are governed by the desire, and in the end, by the intention. It does not matter if the desire is to receive or to give, whenever possible I use every desire only for the sake of realizing my intention to bestow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Rosh HaShana

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