Work In Faith Above Reason

laitman_208Our entire life, everything that surrounds us, and ourselves, all belong to a certain place, which with our rational minds, we call “this world.” But the upper system, the Creator, exists above our level and influences us so that we, with our own strength, with the help of our requests and prayers, understand our state and desire to rise above it.

The upper system spread from above downward, from the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) to our world in order to form our world. But we are obligated to activate it, to awaken it, by acknowledging it and putting it into action. We need to understand how particular our work is. With our desire we ignite the Light in the upper system, turn it on, force it to act upon us, and by doing so, we build it. Regarding this, it is written: “You created Me.”

This work of faith above reason, going in the upper system, we need to awaken and revive through our own desires. It is the only work that is given to us in this life. All the actions that we undertake on our level in this world are aimed toward understanding where we get our life force, our existence, our awakening, for what and to what we need to respond. In other words, we build the next level, awaken it through faith above reason or bestowal above reception.1

Faith is the force of bestowal, which is given from above. Faith = Bestowal. All that is needed for this is the demand that the greatness of the Creator be more important than material knowledge or reason. This will attract the reforming Light to us, which will raise us to the level of faith where we are ready to be above our reason, above all the disturbances and problems. And if we hold onto the power of faith, then with the strength of this faith, we merit the revelation of the Creator.2

The Creator’s reason is bestowal, faith; a person’s reason is the will to receive. To acquire the reason of the Creator means to receive the desire to bestow.3

If I receive some type of disturbance in my present-day reality, within my reason, then I understand that it comes from the Creator who is awakening me through this, helping me to raise to His level. That is why I ask for the greatness of the Creator, in order to rise to the level of faith, to bestowal above the revealed problem.

The question lies in why do I rise: simply to feel better? Then it is a Klipa, because I want to use the force of the Creator for my personal well-being. It turns out that the Creator is not important to me, faith is not important to me, but only that I feel good in my desires. It is the same with religions and other beliefs.

But maybe I am ready to remain with the unpleasant sensation in my desire to receive and above it build a desire to bestow, and that is why I ask to be raised to the level of faith. It turns out that I have two levels and I try to save them both, rejecting neither. The difference between them can then grow to such an extent that the Creator is revealed in it: between Bina and Malchut.

In each moment of life, we must try to remember that everything comes only from the Creator and with a specific purpose, so that I will use the revelation of evil and attribute it to the Creator as a reason to achieve bestowal, faith. That is how I work with faith above reason.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Work in Faith Above Reason”
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