Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/12/17

Laitman_121Question: If you begin to see and feel that other people are a reflection of your egoistic characteristics, does this feeling somehow apply to the spiritual world?

Answer: Yes. This is already a good step.

Question: Why does the Creator give desires that harm me? How should I work with them?

Answer: There is nothing harmful in the world! You only need to balance one thing with the other. It is not necessary to restrict desires or to reject them. It is only necessary to balance them. There is no evil in the world; there is simply imbalanced goodness.

Question: Does the Creator act in our world through all people to reveal His actions?

Answer: Certainly.

Question: Do you feel the audience during a broadcast?

Answer: In general, yes. But it is not necessarily the same audience that is in front of me now on the screens.

Question: If a person must become like the Creator, isn’t this arrogance?

Answer: There is no arrogance here. This is a task that the higher power established from the start at the time of the creation of the desire to receive and enjoy so that it would become a desire to give pleasure.

Question: What can be done if one has a desire to bestow and give to others, but suddenly discovers that he doesn’t have anything to bestow and give?

Answer: You should not give anything to others other than your desire to bestow. Everything else is in nature is in infinite quantity and quality.

Question: What does it mean to restrict desire?

Answer: It means that you are not thinking about yourself.

Question: What is love? Is it possible to feel it in our world, after attaining and studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, outside of a group, in the ordinary life of all people?

Answer: Love is an expression of concern for others more than for oneself. That is all. It is very simple.

Question: If a person does something bad, does this mean that the Creator, not evil forces, wanted him to do this?

Answer: We cannot clarify this. To do this we must enter into a system where we can see exactly how the Creator acts through us.

Question: Does the concealment of the Creator depend on my actions, or does the Creator conceal Himself?

Answer: We conceal the Creator through our opposite characteristics.

Question: Does the concealment of the network of forces that manage us belong to one of the three reasons for the concealment of the Creator?

Answer: All three reasons for concealment work on us simultaneously, sometimes one is more, and sometimes another.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/12/17

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