Where Your Thoughts Are…

Laitman_001.01Remark: It is said that a person is where his thoughts are.

Answer: It is quite natural because a place is a person’s thought—his mind, his desire.

In Kabbalah, there is no physical place in which, as it seems to us, we exist today. This is an absolute illusion!

Question: Then what is “me”?

Answer: It is also an illusion. It is a collection of short waves that form the illusion of your body, your mind. It is nothing more than that.

Today, Kabbalists are not the only ones who discuss this. Scientists also do. In the past, Kabbalists could be blamed for heresy and ignorance, which is why Kabbalists lived in concealment.

If we open Kabbalistic sources written 2,000 to 3,000 years ago, we discover writings stating that our world is an absolute illusion. There is nothing in our world, not even elementary particles, only waves, and everything we see around us is represented to us in our inner sensations. We study this in the topic of perception of reality.

A person who reveals the spiritual world begins to attain that this is all within him, inside his consciousness, because there is nothing else but consciousness. All the pictures allegedly existing around us in reality are drawn for us in our minds.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/26/17

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