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If my intentions to use desires are like the Creator’s, the light does everything else!

Important to know: we correct not the desire – action, but the intention!
It is a different level of seeing, as though I choose different glasses to look at life through. Correction ceases to be difficult.

#Kabbalah is a science about forces of nature that manage the world, and how man can reveal/attain them.
In us, these forces operate as male and female inclinations
The 3rd force, incorporating + and -, is the Creator, the higher illumination, the middle line. We reveal it between us.

#Science reveals the laws of matter. But where is antimatter expressed, where does it annihilate with matter?
Kabbalah: Matter is the will to receive, ego. We must reveal the opposite, #altruistic antimatter, and upon the interaction between the two, we’ll sense the upper world.
From Twitter, 5/1/18

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