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Individual desire to attain the Creator isn’t a soul. It’s just a small part of the common soul that can’t feel the spiritual but only the desire to feel the Creator. After -realization that attaining the Creator is attaining unity in unifying the parts of the soul.

If one aims himself only at one principle that all that occurs in his world comes from a single upper force and that “There is none else but Him”, then any pain is a signal that one needs to direct himself at the Creator, unity, & #goodness more accurately.

To enter the upper world is to begin feeling not in the natural desire to receive- ego, but in a new property- desire to give. Transition from receiving information, thoughts & feelings for self to #altruistic desire occurs under the impact of the upper light #UnifiedUpperForce

– Why does the Creator create situations that disgrace me in the study of Kabbalah? He creates & then exposes them.
– To show you where your ego is still present. Shame is an indicator of the ego. Opt for shame of unwillingness to correct what He points out to you.

What Can Israel Do About Its ‘Brain Drain’ Problem
I understand what lies at the heart of #scientists, #academics and other great minds who are making the decision to leave #Israel.
 #israel #BrainDrain #StartUpNation #technology

– How can I cancel my ego if I have nothing but the ego in me?
– This is why we are organized in a group, in a connection with the friends – so that my ego serves them & their egos help me. Mutual inclusion into each other creates an anti-egoistic field! #EGO

– How can an animal body interfere with the #spiritual work?
– An animal body can interfere if it is out of control. But if a person rules it, uses selfish desires for correction so that spiritual motives drive him, he evolves!

– What did Kabbalah advise the Jews to do during the Holocaust?
– All Kabbalists of the 20-30s of the XX century urged the Jews to leave Europe. But no one listened to us, just like today! No one wants to realize that our disunity creates #Antisemitism

If I relate to everything as I relate to myself -there is no difference between me & what is outside of me, I feel the world as a whole, sense the light that fills it, unified force of the Creator; I reveal the truth for the sake of which I exist in this world.

We study not the light itself but us against the background of this light; we sense being opposite to the light and obtain the desire to ask for similarity. Shining, the light reveals in us an egoistic desire & that it is an evil inclination which carries evil.

Desire to receive and desire to bestow – only they, their combinations, form the spiritual world & everything that fills it. We must acquire the qualities of bestowal in order to see the #spiritual world and its forces. And our #world exists only in our imagination.

Connecting students of Kabbalah into a group by YOUR effort creates the vessel of YOUR soul. If someone else -it’s HIS soul. Each of us is a cell in a body that tries to attach to itself the whole organism. This way YOU gain the whole “body” desire, your soul.

All types of matter of our world are lifeless, for they acquire their forms by force that rules them. If in the matter of our world emerges a desire to change itself, this matter becomes spiritual. Spiritual matter, unlike the non-spiritual, is able to change itself.

If we saw the forces designing our world, we would find that it is not the #CO2 emission affecting the ecology and atmosphere, as it seems; but that the “atmosphere” is determined by upper forces whose main constituent is our desires and thoughts, mind & heart #Crisis

I heard: “I know your opinion-that the Jews are to blame!” This is not my opinion, but the law of nature. We can show the world an example of unity. This will correct the attitude of the world to us! Kabbalah is the method of uniting people. It corrects #Antisemitism!

The meaning of crisis in Kabbalah isn’t the beginning of problems, but the birth of the new. Including a critical dangerous state; “babies reached the time of delivery” (crisis) and there’s no strength to give birth (Ishayahu37.2) Also a childbirth seat -Talmud Arahin

Disliking others equals disliking the Creator (Avot 84). In the 2nd Temple there were righteous & sages, but it fell precisely due to their #hatred of one another and failure to observe “Love thy neighbor” in practice, which includes all of the Torah (Sharey Kedusha, p2 Shaar 4)

Some say that action matters most re Commandments.
Yet, it is written: “The Creator cares not how to butcher cattle, the Commandments were given for man’s correction.” After all, if actions aren’t aimed at the goal, they are empty, and a #Commandment is dead without an intention.

-Why is our #life arranged so that one’s pleasure is always at the expense of another’s suffering?
-You can’t escape it–our interconnection is more powerful than us, and yet we’re all #egoists. If we want to enjoy together, we must learn to feel like a single whole.

“The common religion of the whole world must be the attitude of #Love_your_friend_as_yourself.
Beyond that, every people or group can choose any #faith for themselves.”
Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation #QuoteOfTheWeek #freedom

We see reality as external due to our internal lack of correction. In truth, reality must be internal, because the world we see is my projection. By studying the inner #Torah, we find that everything exists in us, and the correction will be in us!

Being a shining example of unity is our vocation as a people and that is why, deep down, all nations are expecting something to come from us. When we fail to provide that example, the nations are driven to apply pressure on us in various ways  #israel

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