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#Ego/driving force of civilization, is growing! Result: the world economy is collapsing, debt crisis growing, refugee masses will cause unrest. All this will force strong states to isolate, impose duties, build protection & borders from chaos. The US started it!

Kabbalah explains: there’s only one way to evolve – rise above the ego. It evolves & we aren’t contrary to nature when acting in accordance with egoism. We only bring the Creator’s force in the world, that will connect distant egoistic parts and lead all to peace & welfare.

Spiritual work doesn’t stop at Ego’s rejections. It’s necessary to recycle egoism into the property of bestowal (Binah) & then into the property of Keter (love), receiving in order to bestow. Hence, Ego shouldn’t be suppressed. We must tame it to do proper work for bestowal.

The Creator shows me my #Ego-opposite forms of Himself & I love Him above them for He is the property of absolute love. In rising above ego-calculations I achieve adhesion with Him. In the property of love I’ll see the reverse world/reality filled with bestowal & the Creator.

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It is written: “The greater the person, the greater his ego is.” If my ego grows and I keep cancelling it, then I grow. Equality is when everyone tries to rise above his ego. This makes us equal. Although we are all different in our egoism.

Pharaoh is desire to rule, rise over everyone & to trample everyone. It turns us into slaves of money, #social status, fashion. Egyptian executions, like our internal GPS, warn us: “Stop, make a recalculation of your path!” So we find “Moshe,” the power of unity & love!

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Egoism is driving civilization; it grows & humanity is split. The world economy system collapses. Debt crisis, bubbles, stock market’s fall, refugee riots, fake news, and robots will make weak countries fall. Strong countries are forced to isolate themselves.

Before #Passover, I wish everyone in the world PA-SACH – to overcome the boundary between our world & the upper world.
This is the true meaning of the holiday.
It happens by correcting our ego with the upper Light.
In the corrected ego, we will feel the eternal, good upper world.

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Passover is an opportunity to pass over from a state of #divisiveness, disregard, and coldness in modern #society, to one of unity, care, and warmth.

10 united people are similar to mankind, and thus, by correcting relationships in a ten, we can correct all society since it is one #Soul. In an integral system, such as #Sujok acupuncture, by influencing 10 fingers, the whole body is healed. #WisdomofKabbalah_ML #Kabbalah

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There is no leader in a group of Kabbalah students. One can have a duty or temporary authority. The main law of the group is total equality, regardless of experience, age, knowledge, etc. The main rule is: each one lowers himself and prays for everyone!
From Twitter, 3/29/18

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