Fall Slightly To Rise Endlessly

laitman_557Desires were originally created by the Creator and nothing new appears, but everything depends on a person’s awareness: how he recognizes, distinguishes, and connects them. In the state of descent, one reveals that he is in exile, and according to the depth of this awareness he can achieve liberation.

Everything is determined by consciousness. A baby and an adult live in the same world, but does a baby see much compared to the adult? That’s why awareness, suffered in exile, helps us reach liberation. After all, it occurs in the same organs of perception, only turned upside down and grown through our efforts by 620 times.

If we felt exile on the same level in which we feel liberation, we would never be able to get out of it. But thanks to the work in the group and the reforming Light, we achieve an ascent 620 times more powerful than a fall. We do not need to feel the fall to minus infinity in order to feel the rise to plus infinity.

The Creator made it so that we will feel the rise 620 times more than the fall. This is the meaning of the shattering. In a descent, we find out that we cannot connect, and everyone feels this state in their personal petty egoism. While in ascent, uniting, we reveal our common desire, in which all our efforts, desires, and prayers take shape. And then their power increases 620-fold.

That is, it is impossible even to compare the fall and the rise. Although falls seem very strong, unpleasant, and deep to us, they are nothing compared to the rise, which is 620 times more powerful.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/18, Writings of Rabash

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