Asking For The Connection With The Creator

624.02Question: To what extent is a Kabbalist conscious of and in control of his inner reactions?

Answer: It depends on the level the Kabbalist is on. But in any case, he does try to control his reactions.

First of all, the Kabbalist understands very clearly that everything that happens to him comes from the Creator. On one hand, he may completely disagree with it, but on the other, he accepts it as the Creator’s influence on him.

These could be very bad influences: the Creator “dips him in the mud,” into horrible desires, lowly qualities. Through all these states a person is only required to do one thing—to ask for the connection with the Creator.

Do not ask to change these states for the better, for the corrected ones, the holy, no. “Whatever you do to me, keep doing it. All I ask is that I’m connected with You.”

Question: But how can you not ask? It happens automatically.

Answer: Here we are talking about that a person has to make a restriction on his egoistic desire and develop a screen inside him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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