My Thoughts On Twitter, 12/29/17


#Unity isn’t about uniform thought, but when everyone (in their mind, heart, actions) works towards the common system, which then operates to its full capacity, not suppressing to conform, but demanding that I actualize my “I” in all the ways the Creator has made me special.

Kabbalah is a method of correcting bonds between a) people & b) #souls into a unified form—ADAM. Bonds on the level of ppl in our world r to overcome the crisis. Bonds on the level of souls in the spiritual world r to reveal the Creator. But both levels pursue one goal—unity.

Religious ppl deem Kabbalah a part of #religion, hence their dislike of me & my organization. They demand that we act as they see fit. But the sole purpose of Kabbalah & our organization is to unite mankind above its egoistic nature! If this is understood, the dislike will fade!

It’s not the connections that broke, but the intentions. The souls’ bonds remained, but the good intention turned to evil. We must correct the quality of the connection between people from – to +. The method of correction is #KABBALAH, and JEWS are responsible for it.

Social media must be regulated for propagating fake news. Presently, anyone can promulgate any information, lies and fake items. This doesn’t harm Kabbalah, as its enemies only boost the fame of Kabbalists by criticizing it. And the Creator will take it from there! #FakeNews

From Twitter, 12/29/17

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