What Is A Blessing?

laitman_239Question: The last of the portion of the Torah is called “Ve Zot aBracha” (And this is the blessing). What does it mean?

Answer: A blessing is the upper Light. It’s not simply a light, but the Light that corrects a person and humanity, creates it into a united form, such that this form exists in similarity and fusion with the Creator. It is similar to the Creator like a vessel and its fulfillment.

The Light that corrects us and makes similar to the Creator is called Torah. All we have to do is to learn how to receive the Torah and to correctly call it upon ourselves so that it can fully form and mold us.

A blessing is the highest state a person can achieve when he completely “clothes” onto the Creator. He is like a vessel that accepts the upper Light within himself.
From KabTV ‘s “The Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 2/6/17

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