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For as long as #Israel doesn’t fulfill its function in being an example of a unity for the nations of the world, the #UN, as their representative, will keep condemning it more and more!

The point of #transition from concealment to revelation: The world seems confusing, illogical, devoid of purpose and objective—and so the need for the Creator is manifested.

The conception of the soul (Klitat Zera) happens in the AHP of the upper one, in the ten, on the condition of total “dissolution” in it, i.e. annulling one’s #ego.

The Creator’s revelation manifests on the basis of the concealment that preceded it. The extent of the concealment is determined by the ten’s opinion. It can hasten the process. #kabbalah #group

Ignorance of nature’s laws results in society laying down laws and judging people by them, from generation to generation. How absurd! #society #kabbalah

Between the nature of this world “to receive” and the force given from above “to bestow,” #freedom of choice appears in the point where they balance each other out.

Imagine: the ten is the AHP of the upper one, the Creator, in which your #soul—the point of your annulled ego (thoughts and desires)—is born.

Want to accelerate the Creator’s revelation in you? Control your #perception of the world. If the Creator is concealed, regard that moment as the greatest punishment!

Kabbalah begins with a question: “What do I live for?” Judging by what’s happening in the world, all of humanity’s development is bringing us to this question today.

Harmony doesn’t demand capitulation of either side! Nature is founded on the balance of opposites. Not #competition, but complementation!

Unity is the only thing society needs. The method of taming the growing #ego and achieving unity is called Kabbalah. It is all that we need.

To be noble is to bring #Light into the world. It will enable you to act “from yourself” instead of “for yourself.” Try it and see how the ego has conned you!

He who advances spiritually clings onto GE, the right leg, quality of bestowal. But to keep moving he must also use AHP, the left leg, ego. #spirituality

The legs move. RAGLAIM (legs) stems from the word MERAGLIM (tracers), meaning #opponents. But it’s precisely thanks to their reverse help that we rise to attain the upper world.

Want to accelerate the Creator’s #revelation in you? Focus on picturing His presence in the world: “There’s none else besides Him who does Good.”

From Twitter, 11/12/17

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