How Does One Respond To Something False?

laitman_559Question: How does one react to an insolent and cynical lie to which you feel completely powerless? How do you behave in situations like this?

Answer: First of all, I try not to deal with a person from whom I have heard something false any more.

If we are in particular business relationships in our world, it is preferable to stay away from those people. Likewise, I don’t need to feel hatred or hostility toward that person or try to take revenge on him.

I deal with the Creator because He is the one who arranged this situation for me through that person. Therefore, all of my actions are directed only toward arranging a relationship with the Creator so that He will not send me “gifts” like this anymore.

Question: Why should I not continue my relationship with this person? After all, the Creator is telling me about these things through him and I work with them.

Answer: No. If this is done through a person like this, then it means that according to his nature, according to his role in the world, that is what he is like.

Question: Does this mean that it is not a Mitzva (commandment) to suffer?

Answer: You should not suffer! You should immediately try to clarify how the Creator is relating to you at every moment and attribute everything to Him only.

Question: So, does that mean that in our world we should act as is customary, according to the laws of our world? If someone lies to me and this is harmful to my business, for example, should I go to a lawyer, file a complaint in court, etc.?

Answer: Certainly. On the inner level, you understand that this is the Creator and that is where you work. But in the outside world you act according to what is customary here. What this means is that on the level of our world you are also trying to correct these mutual relationships. So, you go to a lawyer.

Question: By taking someone to court who insolently lied to me and caused me harm, am I correcting him?

Answer: In one of Baal HaSulam’s letter it is said that the Creator provided all the laws for our world so that with their help we would approach the higher characteristics. And what we cannot correct internally, we perfect in our world through external actions like these.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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