Society Of The Future: From Internal To External Changes

laitman_600.02Question: You talk about the need for the internal transformation of a person. Do we also need practical changes in society?

After all, we can continue spiritual work in the groups while living in a capitalistic society where everyone has his own property and there is a trade. Why do we need to move to a new framework?

Answer: You do not need to move on purpose, but you yourself will want to move.

A person is arranged in such a way, and we see this throughout history that everything we change within us is somehow also reflected outside of us. We build the world around us according to our inner states.

We move from internal changes to external ones. Thus, everything happens automatically, we do not need to do anything here. Therefore, Baal HaSulam warns not to introduce any forceful methods.

Only one single relatively forceful method is allowed: when we force society to study. We force children to study exactly the same way.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/31/17

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