My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/27/17


Let’s discover the natural high we are wired to experience from being positively connected to each other. #OpioidCrisis #OpioidEpidemic

Kabbalah: We exist in a closed system, thus everyone passes the upper Light through himself and onto the whole system/#world. Reveal it!

#Kabbalah: ALL of one’s qualities necessary to achieve equivalence to Creator. We need only understand how to change them to reach the goal

Kabbalah: In actualizing Kabbalah, man attains the Creator—the hidden ubiquitous force. In so doing, he achieves immortality in this #life.

#Physicists: Vacuum birthed universe. Kabbalah: Vacuum is Upper Light, Creator, force of love/bestowal we can’t sense—were opposite to it.

From Twitter, 10/27/17

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