“Be Strong And Courageous!”

laitman_740.01Torah, Deuteronomy 31:06: Be strong and courageous! Neither fear, nor be dismayed of them, for the Lord, your God He is the One Who goes with you. He will neither fail you, nor forsake you.

Moses worried about the people as for his children. After all, he himself could not enter the land of Israel because he reached his highest stage and must wait for the next generation.

He seems to leap in our time and wait for today’s humanity to see the Light, to begin to pull itself up, educate itself, complete the same forty-year-journey through the desert (in the spiritual sense of the word), and be ready to enter the land of Israel, that is, the quality of absolute adhesion with the Creator.

And then all the great souls led by Moses will be able to unite with those who gather together from all over the earth, and together they will gain spiritual elevation.

Question: The stages described in the Torah span from Adam to the entrance to the land of Israel. Is all of humanity moving along these tracks?

Answer: Humanity must necessarily pass through the same states.

Question: That is, every person within himself should, as they say, write the Torah? Is this what it means to pass through all these states? And Moses is waiting until we reach him, that is, he is waiting until all the other desires get to him?

Answer: Not only does Moses await them, but also all the forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob with his wives, Adam HaRishon and Eve. All of them are there.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/23/17

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