“The Lord Will Strike You…With A Terrible Skin Eruption”

laitman_746.03Torah, Deuteronomy 28:35: The Lord will strike you on the knees and on the legs with a terrible skin eruption from which you will be unable to be cured; [it will eventually cover you] from the sole of your foot to the top of your head.

If those desires that must work for bestowal, connection, and love work for the opposite side, then you will feel leprosy in them.
The lesion of leprosy (egoism) will spread throughout the entire body of your soul. All your ten Sefirot will be damaged by all kinds of egoistic lesions so that you will not be able to feel the Creator or the Upper world and you will suffer from this.

Question: However, the sons of Israel are allowed to enter the land of Israel. So does this mean that they match this desire? And, suddenly, it is written in the Torah, “The Lord will strike you…”

Answer: Do you think that the land of Israel is a Garden of Eden (paradise) where you enter and everything is ready for you and you do not think and worry about anything anymore?

Yes, you corresponded to the entrance to this land, but there you still have a lot of work to do. There is nothing more dangerous than to be in the land of Israel when you must alter all the desires for bestowal and love.

Previously, these desires were on a lower level and, therefore, it was enough to have had a neutral attitude toward each other, which is called “Forty years of wandering in the desert.” These are the same desires you had previously in Egypt during the four hundred years of Egyptian slavery and you—being in all kinds of egoistic relationships—could not get rid of them and suffered greatly, realizing that they are scary, nasty, and terrible.

Now you must correct them for the sake of bestowal and love and this is the highest and most difficult form of correction. Therefore, the entrance to the land of Israel—that is to the state in which a person has ascended to this spiritual level—involves very complex and responsible work.

This includes constant, moment to moment problems that you must solve within yourself, generating love for others from within yourself. This is the only way to be in the land of Israel because it demonstrates the ever-increasing similarity to the Creator, to the force of bestowal and love.

Question: Are the “boundaries” of Israel known? Can I know how long I will suffer or for how long I will have to work on my egoism?

Answer: This is one hundred percent known!

It is written that you are leading the land of Israel according to a certain parameters and these parameters expand more and more until the entire globe is covered. In other words, all the desires of humanity must be converted to the quality of bestowal and love for each other. Absolute love represents the end of universal correction.

If you do not do this, you will be struck by leprosy. Sometimes such a lesion is even necessary for you to see and correct it. After all, there are desires that can be corrected without exposing their full egoistic essence and there are such desires that you obliged to unfold in their full, egoistic, stinking state; they can be corrected only when you see to what extent they devour you.

Question: Why is it written, “The Lord will strike you on the knees and on the legs with a terrible skin eruption from which you will be unable to be cured”?

Answer: These are the degrees of the soul: NHY, HGT and HBD. You will feel as if small worms are crawling on you that eat your flesh and then gnaw on your bones; your flesh gradually disappears and nothing remains of you. You will have these spiritual torments until you will be able to turn them into the quality of bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/14/16

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