The Development Of Humankind: From Matter To Forces

laitman_220All the great philosophers, on the one hand, felt that humankind is not in harmony with nature. On the other hand, they thought that the proper organization of society would lead to this harmony and an individual would be able realize his creative potential.

All you need for this is to create the right laws, the right constitution. This caused all the revolutions.

Question: Why did humanity have to go through all this in order to come to despair? ..

Answer: This is how our egoism was formed; it had to go through all these stages, ripen, and discover its insignificance and finiteness. Such is its development. This is dialectic.

When Adam revealed the wisdom of Kabbalah, it became clear to him that the entire process was designed for 6,000 years, no less than that. Now it is the 5,777th year according to the Judaic calendar. There are 223 years left until the end of human development, and then there will be a transition to another area, to the field of forces, from matter to forces.

This is why it does not matter what the philosophers wrote, even though they could see the material future of humanity and all the possibilities for improving life. But this is not according to the laws of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/15/17

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