Method For Life Of A New Society

laitman_555Question: How can we who study Kabbalah get on the same wavelength with Baal HaSulam and hear what he says about the society of the future?

Answer: We should imagine the laws and rules of the society of the future. This is absolute bestowal and love, mutual interaction and help, when a person thinks only about others and sees himself only in this.

Spirituality begins from the fact that I make Tzimtzum (restriction) on myself. This is the restriction of all the thoughts about myself. It means that my desires of a person in the material world for food, sex, and family I must fulfill for my own sake as much as necessary, and the desires for wealth, fame, and knowledge I must use for the benefit of the society.

There are things that shouldn’t be discussed because we are created this way. Someone wants to eat two servings of dinner because his body requires it, and for others something very simple is enough. Someone needs to sleep for ten hours in order to be healthy, and for someone else two hours of sleep is enough in order to be ready to function. In this we can’t treat people like machines.

Even with respect to wealth, fame, and knowledge there are certain qualities of a person that need to be taken into account and satisfied. But this already depends on the level of correction of a person and society.

In principle, the society of the future is built on the need for care and concern only about how much the system of our relationships will be perfect, eternal, infinite, and constantly developing and complementing. How much will I always think about how to strengthen the connection between people: from me to other people and between them.

This is the methodology for the life of the new society: to create as much as possible such a network of mutual connections between us in which all our former egoism will be realized, gradually becoming corrected to altruism.

This is not about the very last stage of correction yet, when the work will be completed and our entire world will rise to the different level. Now we are in the process of our correction, in the process of creating absolutely good connections between us.

We must constantly analyze our abilities in order to act according to these connections, so that people feel themselves covered by common care, a common attitude toward themselves and toward all the levels of the surrounding nature: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. As a mother cares about her child, so each of us must have the same attitude toward nature and society.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/22/17

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