Jews Against Israel

400Question from Facebook: Today we see the active participation of Jews in the movement against Israel. Why is this happening?

Answer: Because Jews are the greatest opponents of their historical mission. They destroy their historical process, which should be directed toward “love your neighbor as yourself” and showing the whole world how to lead humanity to unity, including love for each other, support, and integration of all into one single society.

The people of Israel must do all of this. This is a method concealed in the people of Israel and is called the science of Kabbalah.

But we see that if we want to explain to the world what Kabbalah it is the Jews who attack us first. It has always been like that: Kabbalists were persecuted, imprisoned, and denounced. We are experiencing the same thing today. This only emphasizes how correct our mission is.

But now it’s time to understand that this is exactly what the salvation of the Jewish people and all of humanity is.

Therefore, it is possible to eradicate anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel only if we eradicate hatred toward Jews. And the Jews’ hatred of the existence of Israel itself as a state shows how much we are in a terrible state of internal destruction, how far we are from our historical mission, from what we have to do in this world.

Let’s hope that gradually the time will come and we will be able to convince the Jews. And life itself will teach them what is most important—the unity between us. This is what the world needs. It does not need anything else; it is full of abundance. The only thing that is missing is a good relationship between people. And the methodology of good relations is precisely in Kabbalah, within the Jewish people.

If we undertake this, we will naturally be very useful to the world and will become “the Light to the nations of the world.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/11/17

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