Does The Light Exist?

laitman_276.01Question: I do not understand: is Light is a desire or an intention? Is my desire to bestow a fulfillment and Light for the one I give to?

Answer: Light is what we perceive. We cannot say anything about something that is beyond us. This means we cannot talk about the Creator before He is clothed in us. What exists and is not clothed in us is called Atzmuto (His Essence), and we do not give Him any particular name.

Is there Light outside of us? This I do not know. I can say that it exists only when it exists inside of me.

We talk only about what we attain because Kabbalah is a science. What we attain in our internal “software” is what actually exists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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  1. The Software is a program functioning on a Hardware or so to say in a human Body . But what is if all was programmed wrong ? I always though Guy de Rothschild was a great light till the day i realized, that he killed on the day of my birth in March 1972 or at least a few days later. It is not nice to undersend that Guy de Rothschild sended a butcher to me and cutted me into two pieces. He did. Perhaps i am still alive, cause i am another Person than it is written in my passport. All Person from which i though they are my relatoves and Family, are not. Who then i am ? And what Play it for a role anymore how my Software is function, redemption died 1972, does not matter anymore what my Software is able to produce light.

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