A Single Force In The Evolution Of Nature, Part 2

Laitman_707Question: What is the upper, absolute, force of nature that is controlling all creation? In what way is it different from the basic forces of nature that are known to science: gravity, nuclear, and electromagnetic?

Answer: All other forces that humanity discovered by means of intellect exist on the same level as the intellect where we also exist and study them. If we developed in a different form and on a different level, then we would have discovered different forces and a different world.

The difference between all of these forces and the upper force of nature is in the subjectivity of our perception of them. Everything depends on the individual, on the level from which he investigates and comprehends. Without the individual, there’s nothing and it is impossible to say that anything actually exists.

Question: But what if we are to look at it not subjectively, but objectively?

Answer: That’s impossible; we are incapable of objective observation because we were created with specific qualities by the upper force. If I am not observing some phenomena, then it does not exist. It appears only in my perception and in the form that I am able to perceive.

Question: Then what actually exists?

Answer: Nothing exists other than the single upper force that is the foundation of all nature. But we are only able to perceive this force as various forms and different qualities, depending on the form and qualities I create.

Question: So we perceive this one single force in the form of some fragments, depending on the level of our development? Will this perception change in the future?

Answer: Everything depends on the individual because the world exists within his perceptions, and other than him there is only one upper force, called nature, creating our entire life. All revelations exist within us as effects of this one force.

Everything that I see, sense, think, everything within and around me, all my emotions and reason, all these are revelations of the upper force. A person is given the ability to separate from this force and in that separation experience himself existing in a particular reality that we call this world.

Question: What is the quality of this single force?

Answer: Its only quality is bestowal, giving, emanation, a source that constantly gives, gives, gives… That is how we experience it. We do not reveal the force itself, rather its relationship to us, its bestowal.

And we realize that with the very first act of bestowal, this upper force created the ability within us to feel its influence and to differentiate between it and ourselves, experiencing ourselves as existing outside of it. This specific differentiation is what allows us to experience our own existence and a reality surrounding us.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/27/17

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