Returning To Love

laitman_293.1Question: Will perfect children be born when humanity gets rid of egoism and becomes perfect?

Answer: Yes, absolutely perfect. The world will become a living world, everyone will do good unto each other, and there will be no evil.

Question: Will the words from Isaiah’s prophecy: “And a wolf shall live with a lamb, and a leopard shall lie with a kid; and a calf and a lion cub and a fatling [shall lie] together, and a small child shall lead them” come true?

Answer: If egoism is fully corrected, how can one harm another?

Question: What will the wolf eat? What will satiate it?

Answer: Bestowing unto others, it will not need any other food.

When the world gradually reaches the end of correction, the details will begin to disappear from our feeling. The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and man will transcend to a non-material level; because the ego will not be able to exist the way it does anymore, there will be no matter.

Matter is merely an emotional illusion that we are given so that we will do our job and return to the altruistic attitude, to the attribute of love and bestowal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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