The Origin Of Hebrew

Laitman_151Question: What is the origin of the word “Kabbalah”? Was it invented by Adam HaRishon (First Man)? And why is it written in this specific way?

Answer: Before Adam HaRishon, the Hebrew and Aramaic languages did not exist. But he did not invent them; rather, he extracted them from his own attainment.

One time I received a letter from a man in a Siberian prison. He absolutely did not know Hebrew, but he suddenly started to write beautiful poetry in this language. And the poetry was Kabbalistic.

When I showed it to my teacher Rabash, he said that this man was experiencing terrible suffering and through it such an awakening came to him.

This is an example of how Adam, who started to attain higher qualities, the upper world, was able to extract the Hebrew language from his attainment.

Question: But why does the word “Kabbalah” (קַבָּלָה) consist of these specific letters?

Answer: This is a depiction of the upper forces that present themselves to us in this way—as vertical and horizontal lines. For example, in an oscilloscope there are only horizontal and vertical lines, which in their combination generate ellipses and various other forms.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/5/17

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