Rest For A Kabbalist

Laitman_521Question: What does rest mean for a Kabbalist? After all, studying Kabbalah is a beautiful state of mind when you already are in a state of rest from external problems.

Answer: No, a Kabbalist needs to rest; after all, he gets very tired because the strain that I, for example, withstand now during an hour-long conversation with you is enormous. These words, these thoughts that I express to you, I experience within me on different levels, and therefore, I spend an enormous amount of energy on this. An hour of talking with you is the hardest thing.

When I talk to my students and explain the material to them during the daily lessons, then, on the contrary, I find strength in me because I interact with people who want to receive and give back this energy and this knowledge to me. We work together, and that is why I don’t get tired during lessons.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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