Why Do We Get Problems?

Why Do We Get Problems?Question: Suppose a person lost a wallet with money. And suddenly it occurs to him that this happened because he didn’t come to the lesson or did something wrong. How can we explain it?

Answer: We don’t. It’s foolish! Do not ever draw such conclusions or connect these things together. Later you will see how wrong you were. And most importantly, it limits you and starts imparting unnecessary clues and connections.

Question: Why are such problems sent to me?

Answer: Because you are an egoist. First and foremost, you have to establish your connection with the friends in the group, and through them draw the upper Light of goodness that will correct you. Then you will not lose wallets if it’s unnecessary. And if it’s necessary, you will.

Question: Does it mean that I can sit in a ten from morning till night and lose a wallet every day? And there’s no use trying to understand what the reason was?

Answer: It’s not that there is no use doing it. It’s forbidden! You will not discover causes and consequences before you fully reveal the whole system anyway.

Question: But does the “cure” still come through a ten? Can I tell myself that if I have any problems, it means that I do not invest enough in the love of friends?

Answer: In any case you hit the mark in a ten!
From KabTV’s Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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