Your Personal Problem Is Everyone’s Problem

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we look at personal problems through the group?

Answer: I have never come across any problem that doesn’t concern anyone but only the person himself. Try to give me such an example. You have a backache, for example. How can it relate only to you if you are a member in the group and now, because your back aches, you lie in bed instead of participating in some activity with us: the studies or the intention?

You have made us weaker, and we are all affected by your illness. What should we do if we are all in a boat and your job is to turn a certain handle, but you don’t do that? Everyone else is in their place, and there is no one to replace you. Without your participation, the boat will not be able to float properly.

Where have you seen any personal problems in an integral system in which everyone is totally connected to one another? It would be very interesting if you could give me such an example. It would mean that the Creator not only created the general soul, but something else in addition to it.

Even if you came in sick, but overcame your backache and turned the handle, but you didn’t feel that the Creator is good and benevolent, it also means that you are not with us, albeit in a different way. You cannot participate in our revelation of the Creator as the good and benevolent. So, what should we do with you?

From this it follows that there simply cannot be any personal problems in the integral system. Nothing is private! Every individual influences everyone and judges himself and the entire world to the scale of merit,

If someone’s back aches, it is exactly as if your own back aches. After all, you have to love your friend as yourself. In the integral system, it makes no difference where the ache or the flaw isthey belong to the whole system. It doesn’t matter where the illness is at all since because of that illness, the system cannot be perfect anymore. It makes no difference which screw is responsible for the general malfunction; the whole system doesn’t function properly now.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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